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Do this and prosper….. GUARANTEED!

Idea Economy.

Ever heard of that?

This is an age of digital disruption. An age where the fast eat-up the slow. Where to out-compute is to out-compete.

How do you cope?

I read this in one of the career book guides for my IT Certification namely HPE MASE.

“Electronics continue to make vast strides as smartphones get smarter, cars become more efficient and connected, and hardware manufacturers pack more and more power into smaller packages. Engineers could not keep up this pace without the aid of computers themselves. Manufacturers use computer-aided engineering and electronic design automation (EDA) to simulate and design better and better chips”.

What does this call for from you and me living in this age?

What does it mean to be living in digital transformation?

In the past several years. We’ve progressed from Agriculture age to Industrial age, from Information age to now Digital Transformation age. We have past the information technology (IT) age.

This calls for fresh, new insightful ways of doing things. You see, in this age engineers and manufacturers cannot keep up with the pace without the aid of computer-aided engineering and electronic design automation (EDA) to simulate and design better and better chips.

What about you and me?

In my book “Unleash The Power of Your Marketing Genius: 7 Easy Ways to Attract the Job you need or the Business deal you Need without money without price” I wrote about dribbling with your other hand. It’s been many years ago when my basket ball trainer instilled a principle in me to learn to dribble using both hands. Using both hands when playing makes it difficult for an opponent or defender to defend you. It makes it difficult for the opponent to study your licks.

To leap-forward we have to use our subconscious mind.

We need to find aid.

We need help.

This is not the age where the big eat the small but rather where the fast eat the slow. Look at how Uber disrupted the taxi industrial. Uber had a dramatic impact after launching its application connecting riders and drivers in 2009. Three years after its founding, the company expanded internationally. Without owning a single car, Uber now serves more than 300 cities in 58 countries (as of May 28, 2015). The company has disrupted the taxi industry; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency reported that cab use in San Francisco has dropped 65% in two years.

That’s the Idea Economy.

Doing business in the idea economy means turning an idea into a new product, capability, business, or industry. This has never been easier or more accessible—for you and me.

Today, anyone with a good idea has access to the infrastructure and resources that a traditional Fortune 1000 company would have. You can rent compute capacity on demand, implement a software-as-a-service enterprise resource planning system, use PayPal or Square for transactions, market products and services using Facebook or Google, and have FedEx or UPS run the supply chain

In a technology-driven world, it takes more than just ideas to be successful. Success is defined by how quickly ideas can be turned into value.

To be successful you need to be a PRODUCER.

But how do you do that?

One way to do this is to look at your life experiences, skills and passion. Then come up with a product or services to help several people achieve their goals or desires. Look for something you overcame – you have the how-to. There’re several people in the world struggling with the very same thing you have overcome. This can be your ripe market. Or if it’s a skill like playing piano, document how you learned to play it and come up with a product to serve others, launch it and sell. This is one way to be a PRODUCER. Look within and see what’s of value. What can others benefit from it and go serve.

This is a lively way to turn your past experiences into profit.

Let me know your thoughts.

This is a high-powered way to live a lossless life.

To your success!

Shalom and much love.


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    Riverting is the best word i could describe this insight..

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