3 Secrets to Aid & Empower YOU to Always Achieve Your Goals FAST!

Life is exciting and ecstatic.

Let me show you something I have recently discovered which has made so much difference in my life.

Watch this:

Humans are designed to be rulers and architects of life’s circumstances.

Ready to hear this?

Introducing…… 3 Secrets to Aid & Empower YOU to Always Achieve Your Goals FAST!

As always. I’m excited and happy for YOU.

Thank you for joining me. I’m riveting.

I woke up this morning upbeat, ready and geared to receive my miracles today.

I had a plan. I have a purpose and cause of launching out daily and going for my dreams.

You see.

I made up my mind to daily bring out something to help someone. Something to advance YOUR life.

Are you believing?

Then close the door sit and relax.

I will use written words to explore like Christopher Columbus.

I have distilled this information so that you can implement and use right away.

As you can see it’s just you and me, so let loose. I need to whisper something to you.

This is something I think will help you stay focused on your goals.

It has helped me achieve tremendous results in relationships, attract money even getting closed deals. More on that in later posts…

Before I tell you this.

I have some personal questions for you. Just playfully consider them and keep your answers on the whiteboard of your mind.

Do you stay upset for the whole day, or even for the whole week?

Do you ever beat yourself and say things like I am worthless. I will amount to nothing? Or even worse comments?

Or you wish others bad due to the way the talked to you or treated you?

We are all bombarded by negative news, criticism, rejection and bad happenings. All these are thieves which lowers our energy. This in fact is the energy you need to manifest your desires and goals. So you need to keep the lines and pipe clean and clear so that you easily allow good to come your way. However to do this you need to have a plan, a structure or framework in place which easily helps you stair the course towards positivity and ultimately reaching your goals.

You need to wedge war on negativity. Period.

If you don’t have a structure, no worries this post will do just that. It will help you develop a structure to control what comes in and out in your life and choose only that which aid you to reach your goals.

Something just came on my mind now. Let me share it.

I went to a client to do some work this morning. Due to an emergency the customer had they made me wait for a while before attending to me. After they were free to meet me I was told right off the bat the document I submitted earlier doesn’t make sense. Now mind that this is a document I had worked on with the help of one of their employees and it passed the company requirements. I was shaken to my boots “why not approach me in an honourable manner to vent this?” I whispered within myself with an upset voice.

Then something flashed my mind this is a thief to steal away my peace and stair me off-coast. I refused it.

Instead i did this.

You see.

I strongly believe that whatever happens i attract it and it is there for my good.

All things happen for me NOT to me. Still in a state of shock and disbelief. I flipped open my laptop and I landed on a book by Joe Vitale he was talking on Visualization techniques. It’s an awesome read.

If you are familiar with Joe Vitale you will agree with me that he is a prolific writer I was immediately vacuumed into his writing and forgot about the prevailing situation. In no time I regain my composure. Later on the gentleman came again this time with a regretful tone. He never said sorry but I could see his remorse on his face and voice. The document passed the requirements tests.

Now here is the lesson. You need to have a game plan. Incorporate these 3 things into your life and watch how easily you will attract good in to your life with ease. Namely always

  1. Strive to live in a controlled environment.
  2. Take yourself as the sky and your thoughts are just clouds
  3. Forgive yourself and everyone else regardless

Let’s dig in and dissect each of these.

  1. Strive to live in a controlled environment

If you’re like me, you’ve by now noticed that life is full of thieves. Things which drain out your positive energy always trying to pull you down. You need to have a book, audio or video program filled with life changing insights which you can easily resort to when you feel low and down. This can even be soothing music. Or a repetition of specific power-packed words or phrases within your mind will also do. These positive insights will almost immediately change and up lift your energy levels, bringing you back to zero, a place where you have the control to manifest your desires.

You may also need to evaluate the source of negativity which affects you and try to avoid them or have a game plan how to dominate it. At any rate choose a controlled environment void of negative news. You may even opt out of watching TV and reading newspaper or even avoiding some of your friends.

  1. Take yourself as the sky and your thoughts are just clouds

Thoughts are like clouds which come and go, you can observe them from a distance as skies do the clouds and then only focus on those thoughts which raise your positive energy vibration. This technique will help you to zero-in only on thoughts which help you have positive energy and root out or replace or neglect consciously negative thoughts.

Once you master this art you can easily channel your being and efforts only on reaching for your dreams and desire. This is powerful

  1. Forgive yourself and everyone else regardless

All things that happen in your life happen for you NOT to YOU. What this means is that YOU are the special guest in your life. You are the chosen one where all good comes to you only, even the perceived bad stuff are all for your good. What you need to do is forgive yourself for anything in you which attracted the bad stuff and say to yourself “there is something in this situation a lesson I need to learn to push me forward” the paradox of this whole thing is that once you learn the lesson from the situation or event. The pain tends to disappear almost instantly all by itself. If the situation or event is still there it doesn’t have that much negative impact on you. As it has served its purpose. It’s like a bee once it bites and leaves its stinger it has no power again to sting. Zoom-in to your life experiences, with time and patience you will notice that these are all precious to you than gold

So practice forgiveness.

It’s a sure-fire to set you a part. It’s an accelerator for reaching your dreams faster as there is no negative energy to shrink the pipe or line which brings good to you.

If I am in tune with you. Voice your thoughts. Leave your comments below.

Shalom and much love


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  1. Victor Hanzooma says:

    this article speaks to me very clearly, the rebel in me is trying to raise as my questions to justify status quo. it’s a revelation that things don’t happen to me but for me.. Wow yes wow..

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