Does this happen to you? … these’re secret passages. expanded ways to making life easy.


Needless to say.

I am delightful and grateful to life.

Just the fact of being in this moment to write you yet another daily insight is a miracle of life.

You see.

I don’t have notes to follow. I just allow myself to drift into whatever inspiration wants out for this day.

I was so amazed this morning. I eagerly and graciously take my kids to school daily. I love it. It’s a cool and excellent time to bond. I follow a very familiar route each morning. Over time I have developed unconsciously a marked path which is so efficient that I know which lane to take. When to change lanes and where to change it. What time to start off from home the speed to use to be in time.. This all has come by trial and error plus experience which now has led to a streamlined routine.

If you and me start off the same time from my home to go drop the kids to school and you choose not to follow me. I will probably arrive faster than you.

What’s the point of bringing this up?

It pays who you follow.

It pays who is your mentor or role model. It pays who you hang out with.

If you fashion your life after people who are struggling you will struggle. If you fashion your life after people who are ever in relationship crisis you will most likely catch the bug.

This has always been my jest.

If there is a desire of something in you. Something you want to be, do or have. You better find someone who is wholesome. Someone with reputation. Someone who has already achieved what you want and achieved it the right way, then emulate their steps. This is a beaten path to success.

This will shortcut your path to reaching your bliss.

You see once a bee stings it losses its stinger. Once a fire has past the forest. There is nothing to burn further there! Follow where the fire has already burned.

So, if you need money follow someone who has gotten money the right way and are using it for noble causes, causes which even better resonates. Read their biography. Follow them on social media. Read their blog posts.

Likewise if you need a healthy, hearty and solid married life find sweethearts, a couple with integrity and dignity. Fashion your life after their noble ways.

Go forth do this!

I will chat you again tomorrow.


I love you.


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2 thoughts on “Does this happen to you? … these’re secret passages. expanded ways to making life easy.

  1. Martha Kay. says:

    Wonderful.keep up bro.

  2. Obvie Ray saka says:

    Nice inspiration bro,keep on inspiring us

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