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Don’t miss a word of this….

In June this year I wrote this to one of my mastermind groups i belong to. I thought I share it with you. I hope it will do you good.

“You have no idea I am finally home.

My wife and I took our kids to bed a couple of hours ago as our daily chore. I love it.

I woke up this morning with one objective to help my customer who had their main database crush over the weekend. I am consumed by this. They need my help to come back online.

I remember in my meditation in the wee hours today asking for help. I said, LORD please forgive me, I am sorry for whatever it is in me which has attracted this situation for my customer, please take care of it I am your son. I thank You and I love You for sending help right on time.

You see, often my customers don’t know why It takes me less time to solve their problems. What they know is call David and we will be up and running soon.

Here’s why I succeed.

Ask for help.

As my business is solely helping solve others problems (IT). I set myself up as a recipient of help too.  

Let me explain. At home my maid was not feeling well for the past week, she is from Malawi as well, and her sickness unsettled me and my wife since we brought her from Malawi for this cause. It seems she is having heart problems. Being in a foreign land – I called for a conference with God. I declared a fast on Tuesday this week (only myself), asking for help. I am stunned. She went to the doctor today and everything came out normalized. We are now planning to send her home for a rest.

My point is, it’s always good to recognize our limits and insufficiency and engage someone higher than our ego for help.

Asking for help is one single most ingredient for successful living.

I thought of dropping you  this before I close my day. I have been thinking of you guys all through day.”

Shalom and much love.


One thought on “Don’t miss a word of this….

  1. Victor Hanzooma says:

    this was inspiring on all levels, the miracle of healing, the client solution and the humility to know when to ask for help. #inspiring

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