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The shocking truth about passion.


The orgasmic rush.

The feeling of a birth of a profitable Idea.

Your own brain child.

That awesome feeling of writing, re-writing, wondering, pondering, worried and stressed.

You get obsessed.

The people around you become sick of hearing about your ever-changing works in progress.

The issue is.

You have gotten an idea.

A profitable idea.

It’s much like making a baby is a thrilling explosion of bliss and delight, but now you have to change the nappies, feed it, raise it, and send it to school.

Face your fears today!

The uncut truth is you have a profitable idea already!


3 wrong scripts about following your passion.

Script #1: You have a single passion

Conventional advice is that there’s some magical job or “thing” out there that is your passion. One special activity that you were put onto this planet to do.

The problem is most people are passionate about a variety of things. And their passions aren’t static — they change over time. They evolve. How do you know which of your passions are “the one?”

When I started out, I loved IT and music. These days, my passions are entrepreneurship and writing.

Looking for a single passion closes doors. When you embrace all of your passions and skills, then you can start mix-and-matching them to find exciting — and sometimes profitable — opportunities to do what you love.

Script #2: Follow your passion means you’ll live happily ever after

There’s this belief that once you find your passion, you’ll “never work a day in your life.” Everything will be easy.


The best thing about doing work you love is that it drives you to push through when things get hard. The people who love the work they do tend to be the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. They’re the ones staying up late or working weekends because they can’t help but put in extra hours.

Script #3: Following your passion is all or nothing

People assume that following your passions means quitting your job, buying a one-way ticket to America and praying you don’t need your cancelled medical aid insurance while you finish your project or debut novel.

You could do that, but I don’t recommend it. Your odds of success aren’t good, especially when you add the stress and risk of going all in. Instead, keep the core parts of your life in order — your job, where you live, your friends or family — and save your creative energy for your passion.

In other words, you can follow your passion without devoting every second of your life to it. This is a revolutionary idea for many people. (And you’d be amazed at how much you can do with as little as 5 hours a week.)

After you identify your passion, or an inkling of what to do, develop it.

Passion and creative idea isn’t the end.

This is the beginning.

Now go forth and blossom.

You have work to do.

Go do it


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