Living Rich

This blew my socks off.


The summer when I was thirty-five.

I launched a course, a classic how-to guide. 7 Outrageous Steps to Success.

It is street-wise ready, many bought it and read it. One said “It’s really sharply sour-sweet, and I love it.” Then the other exclaimed “The first time I read chapter one, or two, actually, since the chapters are the kind you cannot SKIP, I completed the book one night, Yes I did what anyone would do: tossed the book into the shelf.”

Then something happened!

As an author, I am privileged to find all kinds of hidden gold in the back parts of peoples life’s.

Here’s a string which once used to tie down my students’ creativity. Keeping him bond like an alien holding the French doors together so that he couldn’t open them and walk into the pool — the sunny side of his life.

My book “7 Outrageous Steps to Success – How to super-charge your business or career using just your daily living experiences and get everything you want in life” has deliberately been structured as a COMPLETE self-help guide in achieving your wildest dreams. But yet having someone to hold YOU accountable is one of the best effective things one needs to shoot for the moon and follow-through on your goals and desires.

After one reader completed the read. Being that I was living close by. He came through and told me he wanted to master these steps. He wanted to assimilate them in his living being and system.

I was humbled and flattered, to say the least. At the same time I was on the spotlight.

I said “you’re not far. I actually designed the book as a COURSE, A HOW-TO GUIDE, and there’s no-one better to deliver this to you than me — the author.”


We had a couple of sessions together.

As aftermath. He went overseas for an advanced training in his field. When he came back he got another job. However this company didn’t really recognize his hard-earned qualification.

He got stumbled.

What should I do? He asked while we were sitting in his car.

I said.

What is happening here is you attracting this. I went further and said working in a private sector requires that you be street-wise as everything is bottom-line driven. Your boss will not remunerate you until he sees value from you, not just a paper with a title on it. “Go back and over deliver” I said. You may also ask your boss what are the targets he want you to be working towards? Hit and exceed those targets. Thereafter he has to remunerate you accordingly or else the cosmic Law of Compensation will kick in for you.

You will not lose. You may get an offer somewhere or something another will work out to your highest good. These are natural laws, the don’t fail or miss.

I could see light bulb turn on his face and he walked away with a spring in his step. I knew he caught it.

A year passed, then some months. I got a call from a global fortune 500 company asking me if I knew such a such a person and if I verify his character.

I gladly authenticated my student.

He is on his way. Hitting it to the top. He got paid off.

This sends chills in my spine.

This is what makes me write for you guys. Investing a lot to YOUR success so that YOU, Unleash the power of your marketing genius.

The next story will be yours!

You see, many peoples minds are wired wrong. They want to reap where they haven’t sown.

They are leaving in their own world of beliefs. You need someone from the outside to shine the light on some of your very beliefs and see if they are serving you or sabotaging you. They may have very low levels of deservedness. Their subconscious mind is clogged up with wrong programs which many times sabotage them, and they lay on the way-side of success. They get their goals vetoed off by their own subconscious minds.

We all need help.

I have had my own mentors and I still have them. They help me learn how to live upright and focus. They teach me entrepreneurship, how to write and play music.

Go get some help.

I need you. The world needs you.

Go serve! Don’t be selfish.


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