The Drive to Love

A little note before I go to bed.

I luckily landed this today from a friend.

The Drive to Love by Helen E. Fisher, PhD biological anthropologist at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University.

I say lucky because the publication resonates with my poem “Love the Greatest Force in The World” written a while back and yet stands true today.

I am a great believer and advocate that success and living rich includes love in all facet of our lives. Including relationships and marriage. I have written a great deal on this.

However, here’s some amazing take-ways from this publication if you haven’t read it.

“Since the heaven and earth were created you were made for me and I was made for you and I will not let you go,” declared Chang Po to his beloved Meilan (Yutang, 1954, P.73)

“My beloved, the delight of my eyes,” exclaimed Inanna of her beloved Dumuzi in a Sumerian poem recorded some four thousand years ago (Wolkstein, 1991, P.52)

“Fires run through my body —– the pain of loving you” (Hamill, 1996)

“What ‘tis to Love?” Shakespeare asked in As You Like It.

From the ancient Greeks to contemporary scholars, hundreds have offered theories about the components of love and style of loving (Lee, 1988; Fehr, 1988; Aron and Westbay, 1996; Hatfield and Sprecher, 1986; Crotelli, Myers, and Loos, 1986; Hendrick and Hendrick, 1986; Zick, 1970; Hazan and Shaver, 1987; Sternberg,1986)

What I like most about the publication is the fact it indicates that when people pair up, they tend to fall for a type different from their own, pulled by an UNCONSCIOUS biological appetite to create more genetic variety in their young and to raise their children with a wider array of parenting skills. Furthermore, each kind of pair will have its own joys and challenges, so a Builder married to a Director might face one set of highs and lows; a Negotiator-Explorer couple, another. I like that.

The production is short.

The message is potent.

The pure fact here is: we all attract what we have now in our relationships from the unconscious level.

Change the inner to get better outer results.

Stay with me for more on this.



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