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Influence Angels To Hand-out Business Cards For You! The Miracle In The Merge Between Love & Money


I’ve been thinking of you lately.

I’ve been away and inundated.

Here’re some potent secrets which will set you apart from any competition regardless of your industry or profession.

Our lives are arranged to the minute details that if we are alert and listening we can use our daily living experiences as a massive tool for success and progress.

I advise you to incorporate these few principles into your life and watch a powerful surge super-charging your career or your business right now.

Let me say it this way.

Open up your being and set yourself a part allowing your daily living experiences regardless of whether good or bad to fuel your success. Its all meant to your good.


Practice love regardless.

Did you know that everything was created from LOVE?

By practicing love in all things you merge with the mind of GOD.

Putting love first in all you do aligns you with source energy, God himself. God is the one supporting you in creating the good, the needful, and the bliss in your life. It means then that we’re all on the planet earth for a purpose. We didn’t bring ourselves here. That purpose itself will create opportunities for its accomplishment.

This is a notable truth.

What you give out, shall you receive. Whatever you withhold will be withheld from you we well.

Let your mind’s eye see this truth.

You see. No one keeps books like God — God keeps perfect records

Mind your thoughts. Always.

Your thoughts speaks louder in heaven than your words.

Negative thoughts though not voiced out will veto or sabotage your good physical deeds. Things you do in secret, when you are alone matter as much.

Did you know that?

Making love the daily premise of your daily operations both in thought and deed doesn’t mean that you have to be weak or give everything away or that you’ll never charge for your services. The principle of fair exchange and balance operation gives love to both giver and receiver in any business transaction.

In my experience. The path of love might not lead to an immediate, short-term bundle of cash. But I have learnt that following the path of love leads to trust, to deeper relationships, which inevitably leads to a greater probability of further good.

Our inner abundance is the absolute source of our external abundance. Who we are at heart, not just the products or services we provide, creates money.

If you’re like me. We tend to buy from people who are kind and helpful when you walk into their store or areas of their business – this usually results in repeat business from us.

I have also noticed that employers like employees who are positive and upbeat when they show up for work. These are the people who most likely are considered for promotions.

As for businesses, those who inspire genuine trust and faith in the excellence of their work are the ones more likely to be hired for projects.

From this we can ascertain that love is our only sanity.

Love doesn’t lead us to unwise behaviour.

Love doesn’t lead us to give our money away carelessly when there is a need to save it and provide for our family.

Love doesn’t lead us to disregard principles of money management or the appropriate laws of commerce.

Love doesn’t lead us into irrational or immoderate behaviour.

It doesn’t ruin things; love makes all things perfect, by aligning mortal events with the natural patterns of an intentional and creative God.

Love makes us wake-up in the morning with a sense of purpose and a flow of creative ideas.

Love floods our nervous system and being with positive energy, making us far more attractive to prospective employers, clients, and creative partners.

Love fills us with a powerful personality, enabling us to produce new ideas and new projects, even within circumstances that seem to be limited like the current economy.

Love leads us to atone for our errors and clean up the mess when we’ve made mistakes. Love leads us to act with impeccability, integrity, and excellence.

Love leads us to serve, to forgive, and to hope. These’re the stuff of spiritual wealth creation.

Consider this deeply.

Money doesn’t really come from the shop you have or the education you possess or skills you have gained. Money just comes through those things but not from them. Money come as a direct result of you practicing love by your services and products.

You see.

There are many people who are more educated than you. More skilled than you. More hard working than you, who are not earning as you are earning.

The more you open up to love in your business. The more the valves to your bliss will open as well. The seeker isn’t looking to “get money,” but to exchange energy. And when the energy you’re putting out is filled with the consciousness of love, then the energy flowing back to us comes in whatever form most serves our good.

If we live a good life and worked hard, we’d be taken care of somehow. Love covers us.

Truths on how to practice love.

  • Forgive yourself of any past mistakes and wrong doings
  • Forgive anyone or anything done wrong to you.
  • Be at rest YOU cannot be cheated. You are lossless

Mistakes, errors and wrong turns need not throw you off hook. The capacity for correction is built into your life already. Just as it is into the workings of a GPS. If you’ve programmed an address into your GPS but then take a different turn than it recommends. The GPS automatically creates a new route. And so does the universe for you.

Perhaps you thought you’d get to where you wanted to be financially through achieving a certain credential, doing a particular job, or making a particular investment. But then something happened: the economy worsened, you made a mistake, or someone else did, you got cheated of money. God’s love simply create a new route. What is lacking shall become abundant, and what is wounded shall be healed. From “out of the blue” or miracle-mindedness, miracles will flow forth naturally to YOU.

Of-course this applies to only those who practice love from the heart.


Because the universe is programmed to return you whenever you have deviated, for whatever reason, from the thoughts that get and keep you there back to your expected end.

That is how loved you are by God

and I love you too.


“a unique voice in turning YOUR daily living experiences into your personal goldmine”

P.S: #Money Secret Rule 2

P.S.S: Even if someone cheats you in money or bad deal know assuredly that God will repay you somewhere somehow. This is how the Law of Compensation Works. Just surrender it to God and love them still.

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