Never Be Unemployed For The Rest of Your Life. Here’s How


Catch this!

This is top secret information.

“You’re not unemployed you’re JUST misaligned.” – David Chipeta

I have been thinking, for days actually on the so-called “high rate of unemployment” worldwide.

Going around i see and hear a lot about this.

This post is dedicate to Job Seekers.

I have distilled the information in an easy-to-follow steps so that you implement them NOW and watch your career shot-through-the-roof using JUST your daily living experiences.

Align with your true-self whereby setting yourself up to start attracting money whether you have a job or not.

But first.

You need to know that you have everything you need to succeed and prosper regardless of the outer economic conditions and circumstances.

We are all seeds which came from father planted in the bedding ground of mother.

As all natural seeds.

You possess all you need to be, have and do according to natures perfect will for YOU.

When you plant a mango seed. It has all the mangoes it will ever produce within itself.

It has all the leaves it will ever have.

It has all the bushels it will ever produce already embodied in itself.

All the mango seed does when it is deposited in the ground is to start attracting the water from the ground.

Its already built to do this anyway.

It attracts the nutrients from the soil and all the ingredients it needs to start producing and achieve its life purpose or rather lifes’ calling.

You’re seed too..

You already have all the money you’ll ever need.

You already have all the material things you’ll ever have inside you.

The only things which is preventing these things from coming out of you is yourself.

But this is about to change NOW.


By this knowledge.

Be believing.

When you’re misaligned all the money due to you.

All the material things due to you is held in trust for you until you are ready to receive it. This is life inbuilt insurance policy.

Whatever you have already lost is programmed to return—in another form, in another situation, in another town, in another country, or with other people, perhaps, but only after you have aligned yourself with natures perfect blue print.

These are potent riveting thoughts

Now job seeker.

Are you looking for a JOB or a CALLING?

You see, some things you do will bring forth worldly wealth; other things you do will not directly bring forth wealth at all, but—being the right things to do—will summon wealth miraculously from other sources.

Losing a job or seeking a job doesn’t mean losing your CALLING, because as a personal ambassador of God, you’ve been given a permanent assignment. You’re here to represent Him who brought you here on earth, and He doesn’t change His mind about you.

You’re never unemployed by God.

One of the most positive transitions you can make is from viewing your work as a job to viewing it as a life CALLING.

A job is an exchange of energy in which you do a material task and someone provides money in exchange. A calling on the other hand is an organic field of energy that emerges from the deepest aspects of who you are at core. It’s the fulfillment of what God has created you to be, do and have.

Approaching your work as a job versus approaching it as a calling makes all the difference in whether or not you dwell in the miraculous universe.

Here’re 3 things you need to do now to unleash your calling.

  • Know who you are
  • Pray and meditate every day.
  • Surrender your need for a job to GOD

Let’s dig into this together


Lack of identity brings about amnesia. It’s the greatest disease eating up a lot of Job Seekers these days.

I am not talking of not knowing whether you are a Malawian, Motswana or American.

I am talking of knowing your true-self and calling.

Now here’s the question.

How do you know your true self?

One way to do this is by studying other Gods creation.

Nature displays Gods perfect pattern

Looking at animal life and plant life.

They all come from a seed and each seed start to attract to itself the needed ingredients necessary for full expression, herein, opens up another dimension called ecosystem. All of nature works in unison and support each other.

Everything runs in a circle.

The birds of the air.

The fish of the sea, they all follow a defined blue-print for survivor which runs in continuity.

Farmers use this circle to benefit from the law of sowing and reaping.

How the grass gets eaten by the grasshoppers and other insects. The higher animals eats these insects. These higher animals get eaten by other bigger dominant animal like the lions, these big animal die and decomposes bringing back the nutrients into the ground for the glass to grow again. From this we see there is continuity and flow.

As seed YOU need to know that you have been expressed into this chain of life to do good and contribute positively to life and help the planet and the world around you.

Using your youthful health, skills and energy help solve other peoples problems.

Make life struggle for the widows, the diseased, the helpless and hopeless easy. This is your calling.

The education you amass, the experience you gain and the money which follows is all to support this system of life.. this is your true calling.

Go forth align with your calling.

Find something to help someone with. In your current situation you have something to offer.

This doesn’t need a Job or money

The choice is yours. Use this insight wisely and GET rich the effortless way!


One of the timeless powerful hacks you need to incorporate into your life is a daily ritual of prayer and meditation.

This will automatically set you a part from the billions of other people who don’t do it.

Daily prayer and meditation conditions your mind mainly your subconscious mind for greater exploits.

It sends your heart singing all day long.

As you now know your calling, which mainly is helping solve other people’s problems, Prayer will help you empty the mind and instill new, fresh and creative energy into your body circuit system. This renews your vitality and youthful energy to go for your dreams and goals guilty free.

Here’s how I recommend you do it.

  1. Read personal development books. A chapter each morning (I recommend a Bible)
  2. Pray ask for help in your daily activities. Ask for help to implement and assimilate whatever you’re reading into your life.
  3. Then find someone to help. Volunteer your services and skills this is a sure-fire.

Do the same in the evening

  1. Read personal development book a chapter each evening (I recommend a Bible)
  2. Pray asking for forgiveness of whatever you’ve erred.
  3. Empty up the mind of any negative thoughts and just focus on what you desire to be, do and have as you lay down to sleep.


This is uncut truth.

I know you need: food to eat, money to pay the bills.

You’re at edge and can’t seem to know how that rent is going to be paid. How the school fees is going to be paid. I have been there before. Here’s what you can do you move you off the edge which if you dwell on it will only continue to attract more of it.

Do this to unhook yourself.

Be consumed in helping someone of there deepest problems. Using your skills. Your youthful energy.  Find someone who may be less privileged than you or it may even be a wealthy someone. Assist them of their problem for FREE. Do it with all your heart, cheerfully and professionally.

As you do these works for free you are setting in motion the divine law of compensation. Which always kicks back with some benefits to you. Before you realize it you will be off the edge. You will start to get fulfillment and contentment.

Money will easily follow.

We all have different jobs to do, but the same ministry. Some of us are technicians, some are mathematicians, some are writers and artists, some are salespeople, some of us don’t even work as work is defined by the world—but our value, individually, is determined not by what we do but by the consciousness with which we do it.

We’re all here to be available channels for the love that heals all things. A job takes a form, but our ministry is content. Even if you lose your job, you still have your ministry, your real life calling, because it is part of who you are. Your life has no less value if you’re not employed as the world defines it. If you’re kind to people, if you’re compassionate, if you pour your excellence into whatever you’re doing, then you’re doing the job God sent you to do. From that will emerge the next form that’s needed to host the energies you’re bringing forth.

Does that mean you don’t have to “look for a job” as the world defines it? Of course you do! But you do it with a different consciousness.

In all this continue to work on your self-development as your outer worth will only be a reflection of your inner worth. Acquire new skills, sharpen the existing skills, help others, you will soon fully express yourself and find your place in the world.

We all need you at your BEST with or without a JOB.


“a unique voice in turning YOUR daily living experiences into your personal goldmine”

P.S: Money Secret Rule 3

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