Awaken Your Unfair Advantage!

Hey fellow wayfaring pilgrim.

Ready to EXPLODE?

Then follow me.

I am deeply excited to share with you an insight to add to your personal toolbox for successful living.

Life is uniquely filled with an Unfair Advantage. Point of power and bliss.

What if you were standing in such Unfair  Advantage. Living your life by design NOT by chance.

A point and place of attracting ALL your life desires. The effortless way.

What would you do with your newly discovered goldmine?

I was just pondering over on this for past several days. Going over my very own life combing through it as a hair dresser would.

I can truly say we all have access to this unique Unfair Advantage ONLY If we awaken and look closely.

You may ask. David, I am sick. I am broke and jobless?

That’s beside the point.

We were made NOT to lean on our own understanding. We were made NOT to feign for ourselves.

You see.

No one can be declared a winner without defeating an opponent or opposition.

You can’t be victorious in life without overcoming some struggle.

Joblessness, sickness and lack of money are all opportunities for victory. However you have to discover your point of power.

Unlocking your Unfair Advantage requires knowing and fully awakening to one SECRET. Namely, finding the right role model or personal absolute to fashion yourself after. That anchor of the soul. That absolute. Some place of solace and comfort.

Once you master this you will be invincible.

Who have you been following consciously or subconsciously?  or who is your role model? This has had a direct impact on where you are now on all levels. Believe it or not. Change your role model if your want to change your circumstances.

What is your absolute?

You may ask. How do I find an absolute or role model?

For me a role model should fulfill the below criteria.

  • An absolute/role model should be someone who has already overcome what you want to overcome and achieve.
  • An absolute/role model should be someone who has right answers on all life situation and circumstance
  • An absolute/role model should be invincible and God fearing

So from where you are now.

Find a role model who fulfills the simple criteria above and follow them wholly with no regrets in all points and teachings. Focusing on the areas of your current needs.

Toss this insight around. YOU will soon be an Unfair Advantage.

Much love


“a unique voice in turning YOUR daily living experiences into your personal goldmine”

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