The e-Course


Secrets to making $1000+ on the side using YOU!



The e-Course contains

  • 1 x Paperback
  • 2 x bonus chapters
  • 1 x Paperback bonus
  • 4 weeks coaching with the author

… All packed with moneymaking secrets you won’t want miss.

You will also learn

  • Why you should not ever again fear losing your job
  • How to magnetically attract things which make your heart sing, i.e. loving relationship, money, planned vacation – Its all within your grasp
  • How this INVISIBLE attractor product will super-charge your career effortlessly, using your daily living experiences – and you don’t lift a finger to create it
  • To be a blessing to your loved ones with your new found way
  • Get the education your need for yourself and kids – yes go all the way through college
  • YES, you can pay off your bills and debt
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