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I DON’T write for everyone. Here’s why?


And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered Israel

 – Judge 3:31

Chew on it.

In those days, the Philistines waited up until the children of Israel would work the land, plough and harvest. Immediately after harvest they would forcefully grab all the man’s harvest.

For a moment picture this.

Note, this time around it was different. Something in Shamgar. A supernatural strength arouse within him. He grabbed an ox goad and slew six hundred Philistines and the Bible declares “he also delivered Israel”.

You don’t realize it, but we are living in the very same time. You see the Bible has omnipotent cover. It has compound meaning, its supernatural. Every verse in the Bible declares Jesus Christ. If you don’t see Him. Go back and read again. We have Philistines in the land again. This calls for Men of valour. Men like Shamgar.

I write to influence and help arouse that supernatural strength. To defeat these six hundred Philistines. Namely, to mention but a few:

  • Bad debt which leaves pockets empty on the very same pay day.
  • Recurring disease or circumstance
  • Weight loss. Diets and exercises have failed the weight either stays on or comes back on fast. You feel cursed.
  • It may be relationships, the love doesn’t last. Something always happens to kill the romance.
  • Or finances, Had jobs, and none of them fulfils.
  • Or can’t seem to find the right vocation, no matter how many guidance counsellors you see and resumes you write. It just feels like the world isn’t supporting you in going for your dreams. You’re always broke or always trying to catch up with your bills.
  • Or health. Maybe you have a nagging backache, or something more challenging, like cancer or a muscular disease.
  • Maybe it’s an allergy, or a persistent cough, or asthma. Whatever it is, it feels like you can’t heal it or cure it because you feel destined to have it.
  • Or fill in the blank ………………………………

Now, the general feeling in every stuck issue is that you feel like a victim. You feel that the problem is all yours but the cause is elsewhere. It’s the fault of your boss, your neighbours, your wife, the president, the government, the terrorists, the pollution, global warming, your DNA, parents, the TAX man or even God.

What’s the solution?

Everything in your life is there because YOU attracted it.  You may not like it. Its fact. This includes the bad things. You simply attracted it on an unconscious level. When you become aware of the mental programming that is operating behind your experiences, you can then change it and begin to attract what you prefer.

What gives?

Why can you easily attract some things into your life but have a stubborn problem in this one area?

My fellow wealth seeker, we all have busy schedules. We already have a path we are following in our pursuits and time is of essence. I have consciously designed this site to make you better. A site which pushes you beyond your comfort zone and nudges you to grow. To be better. Enabling you to profit from our problems. In other ways problem/s = profit/s. Profiting from your past and current situations growing richer each day.

I have spent a lot of money in developing this site and i am giving 95% of my material free. That free material is far much better that most of the paid stuff out there. i want good for you. If this isn’t the case i will be cheating you and wasting my time here. I am not an author of such and I never have been one anyway.

I will not be sugar coating anything, I desire you to succeed. I desire to make life better for you. If this DOES’NT resonate, please leave my site. Like a genuine doctor, they don’t claim that they heal people but rather that they help set people up for healing. So is this site. It will set you and condition you up to make more money which you will use to help others, do noble deeds and make life better for others. I will hold your hand and lead you to the door of YOUR awakening and inner discovery – but you must take the next step yourself – Going through the door to reach for your success, wealth and abundance waiting on the other side!

So here’s where the rubber hits/meets the road.

Gloves off or rather put on your seat belts.

  • I don’t ALLOW anyone in credit card debt to buy my products. So follow my daily insights, these are designed purposely to change, remove and erase blocks, stops, limiting beliefs in you which caused you to be in this predicament. Once you are on top of your finances you can consider buying my products.
  • I DON’T allow people. Doubters who pull down your positive energy. Now I am not against constructive criticism. Anyone who can’t stand criticism asks little of himself. Criticism helps us expand and grow. But I mean people who blame others for their problems and circumstances. If you are negative please leave my site, or rather read my daily posts to elevate yourself.
  • If you DON’T like reading long blog posts I show you the door now. Probably this is not a suitable site for you.

Are you believing?

Then follow my path.

Take out your jacket, let down your hat and relax.

We will not be manipulative or skimming, but we are all learning and mastering the art of war. The art of letting the Creator create all what we have need of.  And see it manifested by a supernatural creative force already in us. So, let’s go forth setting ourselves up to receive our miracles.

Are you beginning to see my slant?

We are not experimenting anything.

This is a proven fact and principle which always works 100%.

Do unto others what you want done to you. If you want your needs granted then help someone have his/her need granted. I have lived, tested and tried this several times and several others have practiced this and profited by it. So let there be no doubt in mind it works, it surely does. 100%

Desires, goals and needs are like house plans. When you plan to build a house the Architect puts in every detail on the plan. How much mixture of mortal and cement should be made. Thereafter that plan is given to the contractor for development. So this site is just a platform we will use to help YOU submit the plan to the contractor, the developer, God himself, for development. We will not dictate to Him the how part.

Our needs and desires have to be so detailed and precise on what we want or need so that the contractor can easily deliver exactly or close of what we want, and we should always end our desires with “I have this or something better” in other ways Thy will be done.

You see God has a better insight than our ego. So ending our request with a phrase I have this or something better set in motion cosmetic forces of the universe to deliver our desires or better ones to our highest good and contentment.

Here’s a fact and notable principle that all things that happen, happen for us not to us.

Let me explain.

All things happen to us because we attracted them ourselves.


We are in agreement. Great.

We are not to blame but we are responsible. Life around us in a mirror of our innermost feelings and beliefs. When something happens it happens for you not to you. Meaning God is giving you feedback on who you really are. It’s a lesson to discover your inner self this calls for a deeper retrospect. If someone offend us as we usually say or do us wrong. It’s not their problem it’s us that interpreted it as a problem or an issue, the other person only pressed a belief or a button in us which in return reacted. If that belief or button was not there we would just watch from far the event or happening it wouldn’t affect us. We would actually feel sorry for the other person. We would actually know it’s not the person but a devil in them. And pity the devil that he has missed the target. We will be so awaken and enlightened.

So, on this site we are accommodative people. An awakened people not to blame game. I mean not to pretend now. But from the heart we mean it. This one principle will elevate our thinking to a higher plain and shoot our individual confidence and courage through the roof.

You may now know this. I am exploding!

All things happening to us or happened to us are actually gifts God gives us to awake us from sleep and show us there is something in us to clear, something to resolve and sober up so that we are in line with our true self.

Now, this is not theory. I live this daily. I know what am talking about. I have had hard battles. Harsh trials. I have been cut deep. Even having someone looking forward to embrace only to pass away in my hands three days in existence. Slipping right through my fingers like grains of sand. My baby died right in my arms. Watch its spirit depart. Heartbroken, hopeless and bent but not broken. Losing a battle but winning the war.

It’s all for our good. Our family good. This was all part of my training. God knows what he wants me to be and he know the type of training that will bring out His expected end in me.

Let me confess: God trains His children with live bullets. We are in no picnic. We are not in training with rubber bullets. That’s why you have to be attentive, alert and conscious at all times.

You see to him who much is given much is required. If money is a problem it means there is some beliefs you have which are hindering money coming to you. If relationship is a problem means there are some beliefs which are blocking the flow. I believe YOU are on this site to break free. To break loose so that you received help. Helping you remove the stops, unhinge the blocks and assist YOU to be real, genuine and original at heart.

This is my inner most desire for YOU:-

  • Financially free (which means YOU have enough passive monthly income from assets or investments which does not need YOUR direct labour yet income exceeds YOUR monthly expenses) thus, even if YOU stop working today money will still be coming in to sustain YOUR current or better lifestyle.
  • Living for others namely God, YOUR families, orphans, the hopeless, the helpless, widows etc. working to meet their needs. You may ask. Does God have needs? Oh yes. At one moment Jesus Christ asks the disciples to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers in the field yet He Himself was the Lord of the Harvest. Why didn’t he just do it? God has needs to be meet by YOU and me.
  • Have a solid marriage
  • Have solid relationship with God
  • Have a positive mind in all things.

This is what is on the back part of my mind. Each daily post I make on this site. I desire these for you. I love you.

Now, the benefits of mastering the above are far too many to write here. But one which comes to mind immediately is the fact that you will always win. Those who follow this path are never cheated. Period. All things work to their highest good. I have numerous accounts to tell you.

Think about a life with no limits and a life with no regret. A life so lossless.

Can you see why i am excited to be writing YOU daily?

Oh my. Whew!

You may have sensed and noticed. I talk too much on paper. You see, writing enables me to express myself, because paper gives me undivided attention and it listen graciously. Its pleasurable and uncut

So it easier for me to engage it. I love it. I can’t resist.


I will be sharing with you some secrets on how to assimilate all this and live a rich life.

Are you interested?

Drop me a note.

I am joking….

But seriously I will do this for you guys. I mean it.

You know. Money should never be your problem.

If you abide and are a doer of the secrets I reveal. You will become a money magnet. You will master the art of attracting it at will.

This is insider information.

You see we need to take away all the stops all the blocks and help the hopeless and helpless. We need to destroy generational curses running in families by consciously instilling new ones to change the course of our children. The Bible says God visits the iniquity of the parents on their children to the four generation.

Have you wondered yet?

There are curses which follow families. It may be diseases, divorces, and hatred. To mention a few. Without anyone passing these physically, it re-occurs in families generation to generation. These are generational curses.

A Shamgar needs to break this circle!

But how do you do it?

This is what this site is for.

Some its money problems no matter how much they earn money is always not enough. It doesn’t reach the next pay cheque. Some it’s relationship problems. Divorce or let down and it’s always the other person who is a problem. Some it’s generational curses in the family. I will be sharing the how-to of this as well.

Okay going forward….

I know I have spoken too much. It was deliberate. So that you know what to expect from me daily.

Are you sure you want to go forward?

I do.

I will be sharing my intellectual property with you guys for FREE.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you’ve had a pleasant ride.

Loosen up.

Go forth and do good things.


Shalom and much love.




All I am sharing and will be sharing with you is my revolutionary insights and yet to be published cut-edge, unique and breakthrough material you have never heard before.

I love you guys. I am in love. I am blinded

As you study every word in my posts and take inspired actions from your inner nudges. You will be amazed at how fast you will transform and be miraculous. Actually I already started the delivery of part of my e-course to you in the material in this post. Embedded consciously in this post is hidden commands, suggestions and concepts designed and streamlined to bypass your conscious mind to re-wire and instil new, fresh ideals straight into your subconscious mind for faster change and attract miracles daily.

You are NOW transforming. You are a miracle. See you in the next POST.

Let’s engage.

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