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(rock solid) – one plus zero equals ten.


I was born on 28/09 and there is nothing extraordinary about my life.

We live in an ordered universe where patterns, oddballs and co-incidences are bound to arise.

Placed in eye-line of my life is this truth.

One plus zero equals ten

I struggled not to believe this.

This polished truth comically mirrors the male (one) and the female (zero).

Union thereof brings life.

I began to wonder of the potency found in one and zero, specifically the hidden-mystery-of-how inside ten, yet to form, but when it does — turns into a creation of bliss.

Then it hit me.

Square across my life pathway. In all the throes of such a metaphysical quandary of my life, I didn’t see this truth opening. “You must free yourself of all this mind-set,” said the preacher in his thick English accent as this vocal bounced off my ear drums.

My failure-to-thrive syndrome was no fault of mine. I stood up, albeit a little shaken, walked over to where my heart felt centered. I was prone to these dramatic reactions in olden days when truth was received and I became well-versed.

I absorbed the offending truth and returned to the chaise lounge and reclined.

As human we can only do so much.

Take for example a farmer. He can work the ground, plant the crop, water the land or rather wait for the rains. Then, wait for life to react, the budding forth of a sprig, the roots. The farmer cannot do this. A potent power kicks in.

Hidden life

You see a cow eats green glass by churns off white milk.


It’s a mystery-of-how. It’s all over nature.

Once you discover its workings and its certitude. You become well measured and know how to use it to your advantage like a farmer

Medicine doesn’t build or make creation. Medicine kills germs. An operation removes the cause. But God or life does the healing.

The surgeon, the chiropractor, the osteopathic and the preacher only aid nature, healing lays in the mystery-of-how. It lays in one plus zero equals ten.

You may say the surgeon removed the tumor or the chiropractor popped up the bones or the osteopathic gave a rub down or the preacher prayed. All these are only aids. God is the only healer.

You see medicine is like killing rats which have invaded your house. You can use rat poison to kill them, but the poison will not mend the holes caused by the rats.

Only God can build tissue.

I want you to catch this.

I am building up to something.

So is it with money. It doesn’t come due to the fact that you are highly educated or highly skilled or talented or the country you live in.

You may have noticed that they’re people who are far more educated and experienced than you who are struggling. Or people who live in far advanced countries who are not doing that well than you.

Money comes by doing things in a certain way and one way is by adding one plus zero equals ten. Which is also called TITHING.

There is a miracle is adding one plus zero making ten.

This is your bliss do not LOSE it.

This is like jet fuel in your career or business!

There’s a MIRACLE one plus zero exponentially grows to ten.

Try it!

Much love.


“a unique voice in turning YOUR daily living experiences into your personal goldmine”

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