Admit it.


There’s something in your life you’ve been trying to attract, achieve, or resolve and you simply haven’t accomplished it yet.


It’s not that you are not trying. You may have read personal development books, done affirmations and visualization perhaps attended seminars, webinars, and more. But you keep hitting your head against the wall when it comes to this one thing (or more) that you want and just can’t seem to get.

What’s the matter?

Why can you so easily get some things into your life but have a difficulty in this one area?

What’s the problem to attract whatever you want, anyway?

Everything around you and in you is there because you attracted it. This includes the bad things. You simply attracted it on a subconscious level. When you become aware of the mental programming, inner data and beliefs that are operating behind your experiences, you can then change them and begin to attract or get what you prefer instead.

When you get “Certain”, when you hit the “Zero-Point” of the hidden beliefs or blocks stopping you from attracting whatever you want, you get what others may call miracles.

For example:

  • When I got certain about a job I so needed. A job followed me right at home without casting a single CV for it and was a right job for me worked for 10 years with phenomenal perks at that time.
  • The right partner I desired showed up. Facilitated by the inner and outer triggers conniving to fulfill my inner longing.
  • When I got certain about owning a luxurious car/s, I went on to attract it so easily and effortlessly
  • Once I got clear of my hopeless, helpless and struggling after losing my father at such a young age. I went on to become a sort after IT Specialist, the successful author with 2 books under my belt.
  • When I got clear of the trauma associated with my baby dying right in my alms I went on and reached for my dream of having 3 boys.

Obviously, to operate from a Zero-Point void of inner blocks is the powerful point to getting and attracting whatever you want. How can you tell if you are at the “zero-point” right now? If you have to ask, you probably aren’t there yet. But here’s a quick way to find out. Just truthfully answer these questions:

  • Do you have an issues which keep happening in your life?
  • Do you fail to keep resolutions you make, even New Year resolutions?
  • Are you ever frustrated by self-help tools that haven’t worked for you?
  • Are you always failing to take action to get what you want?
  • Do you ever feel like something is vetoing or sabotaging your success?

Now, if you’re completely honest with yourself, you know there is at least one area of your life that seems too stubborn to fix.

It may be in the area of job hunt. You’ve been to interviews, and the hunt continues or you get a job but it doesn’t last. You feel cursed.

It may be in relationships. You’ve tried dating, you’ve been in relationships and maybe even married, but the love doesn’t last. Something always happens to kill the romance.

Or you can’t seem to find the right vocation for you, no matter how many guidance counsellors you see and resumes you write. You seem to fail to break through.

It just feels like nothing is supporting you in going for your dreams. You’re always broke or always trying to catch up with your bills.

Or health. Maybe you have a nagging pain, or something more challenging, like cancer or heart trouble.

Whatever it is, it feels like you can’t go over it or master it because you feel destined to have it.

The common feeling in every immovable issue is that you feel like a victim. You feel that the difficulty is yours but the cause is elsewhere. It’s the fault of your boss, your neighbours, the president, the government, the terrorists, the pollution, global warming, your DNA, the Tax Man, or even God.

What’s the solution?

What’s the way forward?

I had the same stuck experience after having my son die right in my alms. I was in pain and blamed myself. I hated it. I blamed life. I blamed my make-up and my inner feelings. I blamed the food we eat these days. I felt destined to stay haunted, and I didn’t like it one bit.

In all cases I didn’t think I was the cause. I blamed outer circumstances. That’s the default way most of us do when we hit a wall and can’t get around it. It isn’t us, we think; it’s the wall. We might be successful in every other area of our lives, but when we come to this one stubborn area, we aren’t certain and can’t see our way out.

I have dedicated my life to help you resolve this. I say there is a way out!

I call it “Inner-Discovery” Attraction Centre.

“Inner-Discovery” is the secret to resolving the inner blocks and attracting whatever you want.

I mean this in the most honest and sincere way possible. It’s the truth. It’s reality. It’s your ticket to attaining, attracting and achieving your desires and goals the effortless way.

When I was hopeless and helpless. I had to look at my own beliefs. It dawned upon me that the main reason I was unhappy and struggling was because I expected to be. I woke up to the idea that I was not in control of my thoughts and inner workings of my mind. I was just allowing any thought though my mind without checks and balances. Once I changed my beliefs, regarding my thinking and inner workings of mind. I began to attract a new reality. I began to get contentment, happiness, work, then money followed. Today I am a successful author and IT Specialist.

What happened to the stubborn problems that I blamed others for?

What happened to my persistent problems that I blamed everything for?

In all cases I used “Inner-Discover” Attraction Centre to break free.

That’s what this website is about. It’s a blue-collar on how to attract your wildest and most wonderful dreams—no matter what they may be.

All you need is someone to stir up your pure conscious.

That’s what I am there for.


“a unique voice in turning YOUR daily living experiences into your personal goldmine”